Using Mediators for your Organization

Has your organization run into conflicts in the past? Could you have utilized the services of a professional mediator? . You don’t have to look any further. AMRI works alongside mediators in every major city in Canada


What is Mediation?

Our mediation services provide tools and insight to help organizations resolve conflict with the help of a conflict mediator. The conflict mediator is a neutral third party who provides a positive confidential setting where conflicts can be resolved in a fair and professional manner. The process is absolutely unbiased and ‘without prejudice’. The third party directs the parties work towards a mutually satisfactory outcome based on their positions. The mediator does not judge or impose a solution makes sure that the agreement is satisfactory to both parties. Mediation can be offered between an employer and an employee, or between two employees. It’s often used after informal discussions haven’t come up with a solution.

Some situations where mediation would be ideal

Our Mediators will assist you to come up with a solution that works for both parties. This process is very powerful and works often in only 3-4 hours! It can be extremely effective with a success rate as high as 85-90% if people cooperate.