Welcome to our Company

We are a provider of conflict management training specifically designed for workplace issues. Whether issues are big or small, AMRI aims to navigate you through the process effectively and responsibly  resulting in a WIN-WIN for all. We have been providing solutions for conflict management for the last 10 years. We have thrived in both the public and private sector. As the pioneers of organized Conflict Management Training, you can trust our experience and knowledge.
Our team includes psychologists, coaches, trainers, social workers, actors, videographers, script writers and much more. By working with a partner like AMRI, your “people issues” are in good hands. No company can afford to be without our training and support.

Our Commitment

To remain competitive, companies must constantly adapt to changing business demands. AMRI has been able to help organizations respond to pressures, stresses and challenges involved with people issues in the business cycle. In a world where consumers and employees are demanding more and more, businesses need infrastructure in place to deal with their number one asset, people. We are here to your trusted partner.